robert caplin2

    FOCUSED dispatch | Robert Caplin

    Eds note:  Robert Caplin is everywhere:  Exclusive access to the Biebs (If you’re not a teenage girl, that’s Justin Bieber).  Running the successful photo blog The Photo Brigade.  Being just a kick-ass photographer and traveling the globe doing what he does best.  He generously took the time to chat about his rolling with celebrities and […]

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    Brad Mangin FOCUSED

    FOCUSED dispatch | Brad Mangin

    Photos © Jean Fruth Eds Note:   Brad Mangin is baseball photography.  That’s it.  He breathes it.  Lives it.  Owns it.  If you’ve seen a kick-ass baseball photo over a double-truck in a magazine lately, I’d gamble it’s his.  It was truly a pleasure to have him make a frame while on assignment for Sports […]

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    ami vitale focused 1

    FOCUSED dispatch | Ami Vitale

    Eds note:  FOCUSED has blessed me with many things:  inspiration.  excitement.  passion.  stress.  happiness.  All this multiplied as a result of hearing the stories from around the globe of the cameras being put to use.  One thing I could have never predicted was that one little idea from a napkin would put me in contact […]

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    FOCUSED dispatch | Sol Neelman

     Photo © Erika Schultz Eds note:  I’ve asked some of the first FOCUSED photographers to document their time with the camera.  A dear friend and amazing photographer, Sol Neelman (above, after making his frame), fresh off a stellar book release of his life project documenting Weird Sports, which is being currently being featured in such […]

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    track the FOCUSED cameras!

    Just added a cool new feature to the site, where you can now track the pathways, mileage, and destination at any given point over the next year of the project!  Very exciting to know that even on launch there is thousands of miles of travel already covered. CHECK THE MAP HERE The 50mm kit (see […]

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    bon voyage FOCUSED cameras…

    This week, the first five FOCUSED cameras are beginning their journeys across the globe with the final camera departing Monday, October 31st.  The first camera kit – each one different (above with a k1000 and 28mm f/2.8 lens) – is travelling approximately 8350 miles to Delhi, India, and into the hands of one of the […]

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